Poeme Bohemien

Poeme Bohemien is an Italian brand. It is young and has an exceptionally beauty. For years living life in search of entertainment has succeeded in bringing to his style a classic and lively modernity. Conquering a refined public, culturally prepared but not the victim of the fads of fashion. Proponent of a (wo)man who looks at him(her)self with irony.

2PR stocks:

  • trousers from P Bohemien
  • shirts from Poeme B
  • coats from Poeme Bohemian
  • down jackets from Poeme
  • tshirts from Poeme Bohemien
  • for both men
  • and women!

After some shops closed down in 2016 2PR is still alive and kicking. That means we stock ladies fashion now as well. Which is very good news for fashion lovers. Poeme is all about both dark raw edgy and timeless fashion. You will have lots of Italian quality and fashion for your money. You won’t pay for the brandname. In order to see more from this best menswear fashion designer you should check his website or you could check our e-shop.

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