Poeme Bohemien (m/w) at 2PR in Amsterdam

Fashion lovers (m/w) whom consequently fall in love with the dark beauty of contemporary modernistic fashion should take a look at the collection of Poeme Bohemien. This fashion house is acknowledged by the creative incrowd all over the world. What is their secret? How can they satisfy us every season again and again? The word is ‘craftsmanship’ on every stage of development and production. It starts with design. No doubt that Italians have great taste. But did you ever hear of design-engineering? That’s exactly what makes the difference with mass production. No doubt about it! It’s actually the field where production and creativity come together! Why not having a raw edge instead of a regular hem? Things should look unique and things should look like they have been especially made for you. So no mass production at Poeme. The whole collection looks like it has been handmade. In the end it’s all about character. Like good wine has character. Next time I will explain more things how design engineering evokes character. Now let’s stay with some beautiful pics. I hope that you will enjoy this dark fashion presentation:

Please check Poeme Bohemien in order to find out more of this designer.

Poeme Bohemien is an Italian brand. It is young and has an exceptionally beauty. For years living life in search of entertainment has succeeded in bringing to his style a classic and lively modernity. Conquering a refined public, culturally prepared but not the victim of the fads of fashion. Proponent of a man or woman who looks at himself with irony.

2PR fashion for men and women stocks:

  • trousers from P Bohemien
  • jeans from Poeme Bohemien
  • shirts from Poeme B
  • coats from Poeme Bohemian
  • down jackets from Poeme
  • tshirts from Poeme Bohemien
  • for both men
  • and now also for women available!