MD75 highlights:


MD75 HAS OFFERED SINCE 2013 A CONTEMPORARY AND REVOLUTIONARY KNITWEAR COLLECTION, WITH A CLEAR AVANT-GARDE AND GOTHIC AESTHETIC.THE BRAND HAS CARVED A STRONG AND RECOGNIZABLE IMAGE THROUGH THE USE OF AVANT-GARDE SILHOUETTES WITH FLOWING VOLUMES, LAYERS, SOFT TAILORING AND EXQUISITE, CAREFULLY SELECTED WOOLS THAT WRAP UP THE BODY, NEVER EXCEEDING IN STRONG COLORS BUT BEING INSPIRED BY THE NUANCES OF THE NIGHT. MD75 is made in Italy and the quality is the same like that of another high end designer label. That means very good value (for both design and quality) for money. 2PR uses this strategy always when 2PR builds his collection. You could say that these values are bringing both companies together in order to satisfy the consumer.We are the best piece pickers. Actually it works the same like in an art galley. There is one story and we try to fullfill the story with diverse pices that strengthen the story. Furtermore 2PR is allowed to adjust minor changes to the designs of this knitwear supplier in order to distinguish ourselves from the other stores. Please check the website of MD75 in order to see more creations from this designer or check our e-shop.

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