Masnada highlights:


Masnada his collection is a result from an extensive study of shapes and the multiple identities they can become, combined with an profound love for experimentations and research. The results of these can be seen in the choice of materials and traditional methods for the collection.
The exclusive fabrics, realized in natural fibers in the soft-hued colors of nature, create a timeless look and longevity of each garment.
The pure Italian tailoring and craftsmanship is a choice throughout the whole collection with no compromises.
Masnada is aimed at those who love freedom, who are not afraid of breaking preconceived moulds. I personally consider Masnada the best contemporary menwear designer label. Their focus is on design engineering and that gives character to their products. Every piece looks like it is handmade especially for you (by means of handmade stichings). That means that all their pieces have their own unique identity which is very important in the context of nowadays fashion.
Please check their website  in order te see more creations from the designers of Masnada in Italian Toscany or check our e-shop.

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