Andrea Yaaqov

Andrea Ya’aqov is an Italian designer who launched his first collection during Milan’s Fashion Week in 2013. His aim is to transform the timeless hoodie creating unusual proportions with distinctive elements. The sweatshirt is no longer considered as a streetwear but is now defined in a more abstract way with essential and futuristic aesthetics in volumes and shapes. Urban with unstitched edges, overlapping cuts, glossy-matte contrast and minimalist colours describe Andrea’s hoodies and sweaters. ANDREA YA’AQOV LOVES CONTRASTS, THE UNEXPECTED, THE ESSENTIAL. HIS third INNOVATIVE, URBAN AND FUTURISTIC COLLECTION, ESPECIALLY IN THE CHOICE OF THE CONTRASTING MATERIALS AND TREATMENTS, SHOWS HIS LOVE FOR THE OPPOSITE: LINEAR AGAINST IRREGULAR GEOMETRY, WHITE VS. BLACK.
Andrea Yaaqov is doing great at 2PR fashion, Oude Hoogstraat 10 in Amsterdam. His clothes are very good value for money; that means I am talking about high quality for a good price. Apart from Italian fabrics he occasionally even uses Japanese fabrics! Andrea Ya’aqov is a new born star.  Please check his website in order to see more of this designer or check our e-shop.

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