Rick Owens Amsterdam

Rick Owens Amsterdam is finally for sale at 2PR! The designer is known for his uncompromising creative vision and avant garde aesthetics. He founded his label in 1994 and in addition established himself as fashion outsider who created a modernistic signature with asymmetrical silhouettes and dark shades. As a result glamour and grunge come together. He plays therefore with opposites like baggy and tight silhouettes. His clothes are easy to combine with other fashion designer labels stocked by 2PR because this store presents just modernistic clothes. Therefore made with Italian quality.

Rick Owens shoes and DRKSHDW are sold eventually at 2PR, Oude Hoogstraat 10-12  in Amsterdam. Check Rick Owens Amsterdam in order to see more from this designer and check our lookbook.

Rick Owens Amsterdam finally at 2PR!

Boris Bidjan Saberi 11byBBS

Boris Bidjan Saberi 11byBBS is eventually for sale at 2PR in Amsterdam. His work is noted for its wide range of references, first of all skate culture and also clothing from the Middle East. Boris is therefore a menswear designer.

Boris Bidjan Saberi 11byBBS his embroided bomber is stocked by 2PR at Oude Hoogstraat 10-12 in Amsterdam. Check Boris Bidjan Saberi 11 by bbs in order to see more of 11 by BBS. You could also check our lookbook.

Boris Bidjan Saberi takes over the leading position